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Sunday, February 13, 2011

my {elevens}..

The River [1]
No Means No
(taken from Futility, Alternative Tentacles Record, 1994)

Waiting [2]
(taken from In This Defiance, Victory Records, 1997)

To Sheila [3]
The Smashing Pumpkins
(taken from Adore, Virgin Records America, 1998)

Leather Jacket [4 ]
Ben Folds Five
(taken from No Boundaries, A Benefit For The Kosovar Refugees, Sony Music Entertainment, 1999)

Jumpdafuckup [5]
(taken from Primitive, The All Blacks B.V, 2000)

Forsaken [6]
David Draiman of Disturbed
(taken from Queen Of The Damned OST, Warner Bros Records Inc, 2001)

Seizure Of Power [7]
Marilyn Manson
(taken from Resident Evil OST, The All Blacks B.V, 2002)

Rabbit Run [8]
(taken from 8 Mile OST, Shady/Interscope Records, 2002)

Joga [9]
Bjork Greatest Hits, Wellhart Ltd/One Little Indian Ltd, 2002)

Ice Cold Man [10]
Lee Dorrian of Cathedral/Napalm Death
(taken from Probot, Southern Lord, 2002)

Calm Like A Bomb [11]
Rage Against The Machine
(taken from The Matrix Reloaded OST, Maverick Recording Company, 2003)